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Meet Doula Leah

Welcome! Sweet Bee Services provides emotional, informational, and physical support for those navigating antenatal, pregnancy loss, birth, pregnancy, and postpartum experiences. As a doula and social worker, I am passionate about intentionally caring for women by walking alongside them to facilitate the experience they desire and deserve.

Growing up, I heard too many stories of adults and teens feeling frustrated as they tried to navigate systems that should have upheld their rights and wishes. Everyone has questions, but they may not know where to direct them. I strive to provide a listening ear, vital information, and guidance for clarity, and the emotional support required to confidently embrace a new season of life.

I specialize in prenatal, labor, and postpartum support. I believe your body was specifically designed to carry and give life. Therefore, I work with clients to address specific needs through the most natural and holistic methods possible, understanding that modern-day medicine can help as needed. 

On this blog, you will be able to find helpful materials for different phases of life. There will be information on keeping your body, mind, and spirit healthy at any age. Additionally, I will share tips for newly pregnant folks and new parents. 

I am so glad you visited Sweet Bee today, and I welcome your feedback. Do you have a question you never felt comfortable asking? I’ll be launching a series called “Ask a Doula”. Feel free to send your questions to If you need support yourself, or you know a loved one that could benefit from my services, you can book a consult by clicking here. I welcome the opportunity to connect with you!

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