Answers to My Most Commonly Asked Questions…

What is a Doula?

A doula is a trained birth professional who specializes in providing emotional, physical and informational support to birthing persons. They can focus on different phases of a parenthood journey like trying to conceive (TTC), birth and labor, and/or postpartum.

So Not a Midwife?

No, midwives are medically trained to provide healthcare support to birthing persons and their newborns. Midwives and doulas often work together to give clients holistic support during their pregnancy, labor, and initial postpartum period.

Where Did You Train?

I completed my doula training with Ancient Song Doula Services in Brooklyn, NY with Chanel Porchia-Albert in 2016. I completed my placental encapsulation training through Brilliant Birth Academy in 2019. I completed my breastfeeding specialist training with Lactation Education Resources, as part of an initiative of The Bloom Collective, in 2020. I am studying to offer vaginal steaming services in 2021 through the generosity of Keli Garza and Steamy Chick.

What Kind of Doula are You?

I offer full-spectrum doula services. In essence, anything from womb to tomb. I specialize in supporting families welcoming a little bee for the first time, navigating high risk experiences, and those who desire no medically unnecessary interventions in their experience.