Sweet Bee Services

Giving You the Support You Desire and Deserve

Full Spectrum Doula Services to navigate fertility, antenatal, loss, pregnancy and post-partum experiences with peace


What We Do

We Educate

We listen to you, provide feedback on your rights, and provide information that helps you care for your reproductive needs.

We Re-Empower

You know your body and your desires. We remind you throughout the journey that you have the innate autonomy and power to have the experiences you want. It is your right.

We Advocate

Our practice is grounded in reproductive justice with a family-centered and trauma-informed approach. Your rights are our priority.

Serving from the Core Principles of

Reproductive Justice

Trauma-Informed Care

Empathic Care

Family-Centered Perspectives

Kind Words

“We had an initial convo and I immediately felt safe and safe with her. She felt like a familiar friend and put me at ease. 
She is caring, knowledgeable, informative and a calm spirit. She not only cares about your health, but the babies and the well being of the couple.”

-Deanna C, The Pretty Girls Guide 

“Excellent Service”

She did AMAZING, and helped me work through the anxiety of things not going as planned while reminding me to trust my body.

-Amber O.

“Love the flexibility”

All the while Leah was still by my side virtually– checking in, letting me know my options, giving me the real meaning behind all they [medical staff] were saying and preparing me

-Deanna C.

“Fantastic Support”

I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through this time (especially the natural labor and postpartum part) without her professional care, help and encouragement!

-Jen L.

Thoughts and Insights from Doula Leah